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Tope Awelewa
Nov 02, 2021
In Share Your Memory
Daddy, we will remember your love, your kindness, forthrightness and faith in Jehovah forever. You showed me love in ways that made me feel appreciated and special. You humbly taught me so much Math and Physics and you tolerated my endless questioning. But even more than this was how you showed me in your ways to pray, rely and believe in a living God. I will always remember your trust in Jehovah. Your favorite thing to say was to trust in Jehovah and rely on Jehovah in all your ways. I will miss calling you during my lunch time at work and listening to your reassuring words. My kids will miss speaking with you as you fondly called them by nicknames. You taught me to be patient as you always spoke from your heart and promoted peace with everyone. We will miss you so much as we look forward to seeing you in paradise.

Tope Awelewa

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