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Nov 07, 2021
In Share Your Memory
It was a privilege to have met Daddy Olaleye a very unique elder and a loving father of all. He was generous and loves impacting needed training to everyone. His life was simple and always ready to help, l remember vividly when he usually accompany me to my bible studies in ife, we sat in that his beautiful Toyota Corolla and conducted those studies it especially had a great impact on me personally and l will never forget those fond memories. He was a great father and l cherish the ways and manners he handled issues, he always had a scripture for any issues you bring to him, l am still benefitting from the training l received working closely with him when he was our congregation secretary. He had a unique way of calling my name and that always put a smile on my face, he still calls me in that unique way all the times we spoke on the phone. We will really miss you. May Jehovah comfort the family and all of us as we look forward to the new word.


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